Unlock the potential of your online accountancy training by embracing a bespoke learning platform designed exclusively for your needs. Our cutting-edge eLearning and eAssessment solutions are equipped with everything your tutors and students require to excel and thrive.

Flexible e-Learning Solutions

An eLearning platform that adapts to your growth

Tailor and expand your eLearning platform to match your unique requirements, leveraging our robust assessment engine and personalised features.

E-Assessment: Unlocking Possibilities

Effortlessly design and deploy tests and assessments

Equip your students for success with integrated assessment and testing capabilities, ensuring they’re exam-ready.

eLearning design and creation

Craft and develop your unique courses and assessments

Leverage your platform’s built-in authoring tools to enhance your students’ learning journey and expand your course portfolio.


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Student Reports

Gain a comprehensive understanding of student performance with our tracking reports. From individual student reports to group reports showcasing course progress and in-depth test results. Download and manipulate all data effortlessly in Excel.

Notice Board Feature

Elevate your communication game with our Notice Board feature at course level. Add branding elements and communicate with students en masse. It's the ideal tool to keep everyone informed and engaged.

Email Templates

Simplify your messaging with our pre-set email templates. Set them up in advance, reuse them, and send them out in bulk. Ensure consistent and effective communication throughout your organisation with just a few clicks.

Admin Roles

Tailor access and permissions to specific job titles and functions within your organisation. Our platform offers various admin roles, ensuring the right people have the right level of control.

Automated Marking

Say goodbye to manual assessment with our automated marking system for multiple-choice questions. It's efficient, accurate, and a game-changer for educators.

Tutor Communication

Marking automatically gets sent to assigned tutors with customisable notifications. Our intuitive marking screens allow you to evaluate student responses online or download scripts. Provide targeted feedback at both question level and general insights.

Bulk Student Enrollment

Simplify the onboarding process with the ability to enrol students in bulk. Save time and streamline the student management process effortlessly.

Bespoke Branded Platform

Make your platform your own with our bespoke, company-branded solutions. Take control of the branding and utilisation of your platform, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your organisation's identity.

Total Autonomy

With us, you have the autonomy to manage your platform according to your unique needs. Take the reins and shape your eLearning environment to suit your goals.

Course Notes

Dive into the heart of the subject matter with our full-syllabus course notes. They cover every facet of the curriculum and are meticulously updated annually to align with the latest standards set by professional bodies.

Question Practice

Start the learning journey right from Chapter 1 with our question practice materials. These exercises serve a dual purpose: they encourage critical self-analysis and help prevent misconceptions from taking root.

Tutor Time Savings

Bid farewell to the tedium of manual assessment. Our multiple-choice question practice is seamlessly integrated into our platform and automatically marked, eliminating repetitive work for tutors. More efficiency, more time for impactful teaching.

Video Lectures

Immerse yourself in our dynamic video lectures, thoughtfully designed for the digital age. We've incorporated the latest research in online learning to bring you bite-sized lecture videos formatted to hold your students' attention and enhance information retention.

Online Mock Exams

Prepare for success with multiple online mock exams mirroring the final exam format. Practice in the online environment, gain familiarity with different features and sharpen your time management skills.
Confidence is key.

Tutor Debrief Videos

Gain invaluable insights from our tutors through debrief videos. Understand how our seasoned educators approach questions, grasp key points to elevate your solutions, and conquer common misconceptions. Learning from the best has never been easier.

Student Reports

Students will receive detailed reports after each online test that are archived on the platform. Our traffic light system highlights their performance, correct solutions and feedback from tutors. Student progress is our priority.

Syllabus Updates

Our dedicated team ensures seamless annual updates, keeping your courses up-to-date with the latest syllabus changes and aligned with industry standards. Plus, we continuously analyse our courses, enhancing your students' journey and experience

Exam Technique

Our exam technique resources are designed to equip every student with the essential skills to ace their exams. We provide subject-specific resources that guide students in skills such as effective time management and understanding precisely what examiners expect from their responses.

Unlock student success

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